How to close all applications on mac

how to close all apps on mac

To kill force quit a specific application, look for its name and note down the PID number. Go ahead and type in the following command in Terminal: kill This will terminate Google Chrome browser instantly. Hope this tutorial helps!

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Show Comments. A Mac "quit all applications" app: I don't shut down or reboot my Mac computers very often, but every time I do, I always wonder if there's an easy way to quit all applications with one or two keystrokes. I don't mind having to quit all the apps manually -- that seems like the natural thing to do -- but if you're about to have a lightning storm and you'd really like to shut down your Mac fast, being able to quit all applications fast sure would be nice.


Given that Automator action, you can easily create a Mac quit all applications app. Here's how. The Automator icon is the one that looks like a robot. Depending on which version of the Mac Automator you have, you'll either want to click the "Custom" icon or the "Workflow" icon in the Automator dialog that is displayed.

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  • In my case I found it by searching for the word "quit", as seen here:. The open area in the right side of the Mac Automator window is where you create your Automator workflows, so when you find this Quit All Applications action, double-click it to add it to that open area. Or, you can also drag the Quit All Applications action to the open area and drop it there. When you do this your Mac Automator workflow area will show the following panel:. The "Ask to save changes" checkbox here is very important.

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    Alternatively, you can force Mac to shut down by pressing and holding the power button, or use one of the many other shortcuts. You either buy a new computer or struggle. Parallels designed a tool set for macOS and PC users to efficiently manage their computer with just a few clicks—without any professional knowledge needed.

    Within the application which is available to try for free , you can easily free up unused computer memory, clean your drive, and help your Mac run at max speed with a dozen other useful utilities.

    In one click and about 10 seconds , I successfully removed 4 GB of clutter and reclaimed space on my hard drive. So there you have it. Take care of your Mac with those quick tips, and remember to always save your work!

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