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Click on a stack and it expands, pushing other Finder items down and to the left. If you click on a Stack, it expands, with the contents of the stack appearing below the stack icon itself.

Instead, the icons on your Desktop just increase temporarily, with the new icons pushing the old ones farther down or to the left. In any event, once a file is visible, you can double-click on it, select it and drag it elsewhere, view it with Quick Look, or basically everything else you expect. In the Public Beta there were some quirks I noticed when trying to interact with a file that I exposed by scrolling over the Stack.

Sometimes when I moved the cursor away from the top of the stack—to click an item in the Quick Look window for the file, for example—the stack went back to its generic state and the preview of the item vanished. The feature would probably benefit from added flexibility in how to group Stacks; for example, I often keep a bunch of Zip archives on my desktop, but they just get poured into a Stack called Other with various other miscellaneous file types.

The Mojave Public Beta comes with a single Dynamic Desktop image, of a sand dune in the Mojave desert with different creeping shadows throughout the day. Is it constrained to a smaller set of images? If I work late into the night in Dark Mode, does the sun begin to rise? These are the questions that keep macOS reviewers awake at night.

Dynamic Desktop pictures are not a new phenomenon—people have been making apps that do this for ages, perhaps most notably Live Desktop. Within a few days of Mojave being announced, people had reverse-engineered the format; I would assume that many non-Apple Dynamic Desktop images will be available by the time Mojave ships. Meanwhile, iOS 12 has Siri Shortcuts, which are extremely exciting. In any event, I was completely wrong: macOS Mojave increases the visibility of the user automation feature I use every single day on my Mac, putting it front and center in several different parts of the Finder.

That feature used to be called Services, and it let you build an Automator action that can run in any app, but most notably the Finder. Services can be run from contextual menus in the toolbar of Finder windows, via a control-click, or even an assignable keyboard shortcut. Those actions can do just about anything , including run Automator commands, AppleScript scripts, shell scripts, or any combination thereof.

They have saved me vast amounts of time. You can choose from 43 icons provided by Apple, or add your own. For those of us who use Services today, this is a nice addition that will let us surface them more visibly in a few different places in the Mac interface.

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Viewed on its face, the addition of four new Apple apps to macOS is welcome. Most of all, the Home app—and accompanying Siri support for HomeKit—is a big winner for those of us who use Macs in a home filled with HomeKit devices. The Home app displays the iOS date picker, which is… not really an interface designed for a trackpad or mouse. Notification settings in the News app happen in the content sidebar, rather than in a preferences window.

Customize Microsoft Office Color Theme on Mac

Every app is a single window. And while some of the particular quirks of these apps may be ironed out by the end of the summer, the reality remains: Apps born of an entirely different Apple operating system are coming to the Mac. This move has major ramifications for the future of Mac software. Mojave is no different. Apple has built a new screenshots interface behind the new shortcut Command-Shift Command-Shift-3 and -4 still work as always.

When you choose Command-Shift-5, a floating palette appears with options to capture the entire screen, just a window, or just a portion of a window—all features you could already perform, but only if you knew the right combination of shortcuts. Providing visible options is a much friendlier experience. LeoColorBar As penguinrob suggests, you could set the menubar to translucent, and influence its color by changing the color of the part of the wallpaper underneath the menubar.

Despite the fact that it hasn't been updated in a while, it's worked perfectly for me in Lion.

8 Mac Settings You Should Change Right Now

A black menu bar Alternatively, there are applications like Nocturne that you can use to set your menu bar to dark gray. Hippo Hippo 1, 4 4 gold badges 18 18 silver badges 31 31 bronze badges. Spotlight 1, 10 10 silver badges 19 19 bronze badges. This link has changed to wez.

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