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The only difference between a and is the had faster CPU chips as standard, it was other wise identical to the I have upgraded my to the same CPU chips a would have had so mine is now effectively identical to an official configuration. Apr 20, AM. Page content loaded. Apr 19, PM in response to nbritton In response to nbritton. Apr 19, PM. I'm trying to decide if should buy a or Mac Pro. Apr 19, PM in response to lllaass In response to lllaass.

The and both were shipped with the exact same 5,1 firmware. They are the same machine except for what options could be bundled into a sales number and purchased together. The four-core versions continued to use the Nehalem series processors, and therefore, the slower memory speeds. The hex and dual hex cores use processors with a faster bus and can use the faster memories.

The Definitive Classic Mac Pro (2006-2012) Upgrade Guide

Not sure about the eight cores. Thank you, yes I'm aware the 4,1 can be updated to 5,1. However, my question is what are the exact differences between the logic board on a 4,1 and 5,1. Are they physically the same board, or are there subtle differences?

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There are two different processor shelf boards in each of these models. One accepts a single processor chip and one group of memories, and has an expanded heatsink. The other accepts two processor chips and two sets of memories and has two smaller heatsinks. The board with one processor chip cannot become a board for two processor chips, and the heatsinks are completely different.

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So the expense of moving from a one processor board to a two processor board is stupidly expensive. Thank you for the clarification on the CPU types. I had seen references Everymac that the models had the "lidless" CPUs like the model. Perry Mitchell. Fri Jul 05, am. Fri Oct 04, am. Return to DaVinci Resolve. Blackmagic Forum. Forum Index Blackmagic Website. Get answers to your questions about color grading, editing and finishing with DaVinci Resolve.

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Author Message. After the update the specs would be as follows: macOS Mojave Mac Pro with 5,1 firmware 2 x 6-core 3. Questions: -Would the updated Mac Pro be suitable for the above task?

Memory Upgrades for Your 2009 - 2012 Mac Pro

Thank you in advance! Best regards, Tommi. Wed Jun 19, pm I have a very similar setup see my signature. I think it is still a very capable and worthy system. I just upgraded my ram to 64gb and changed from nvidia ti to amd vega vii. I plan to keep my MacPro running for at least another year, and then decide if I'll step up to the new cheesegrater or not. If not, a Vega 56 or Mac Pro - 12core 3. Do you mean the Radeon VII? How did you get enough power for the card?

Thu Jun 20, am ooh.. I'm powering it with an external power supply. The MacPro is capable of delivering adequate power, but you would need to perform the pixlas mod. Andre, how is also a DaVinci Resolve user and visitor of this forum is the inventor of the pixlas mod. Thu Jun 20, am Yes indeed, I move the card. It's just a solution that worked in my situation, but a 50euro pc power supply would also do the trick.

All I can say is that you will have to stick with the Sapphire HD until you leap to the next machine. Is it too old? What are the concerns I will have? Please see here our exchange program!

Hello, I have a Mac Pro 5. Power of this machine is huge but my problem is with Final Cut X. Do you have any idea? I am wondering how much I am benefiting from having the small card in there. Would it be better overall if I removed both cards and upgraded to the or ti? I have a feeling it would be, but it would be good to hear from someone who actually knows something.

How much is that small card actually doing for me? The GT is only really used for your boot screen. The ideal setup would be to run for instance a ti with the GT as you get the huge performance plus the little bonus of a boot screen.


Damn ive moved to Spain, and have a mac pro 4,1, and would have upgraded it to the 6 core with more ram and perhaps a new gpu, trying to think how to do this. Your email address will not be published. Skip to content. Mac Pro 5,1 History Before looking at why the 5,1 is presently the professional system of choice. CPU Options The processing power of the Mac Pro 5,1 is highly scalable depending on your budget and can easily match the grunt of the 6,1 for just a fraction of the price.

Mac Pro 5,1 CPU options: 3. Flash storage: Finally, the same flash storage that is installed in the Mac Pro 6,1 can also be installed in the Mac Pro 5,1. Further PCI-E 2. Summary In the end, it rings true that size does matter. Thank you very much for such an excellent write up I always wished I could afford a Mac Pro and I was lucky enough to buy 4,1 Mac Pro which I flashed to 5,1.

The 5,1 is a monster, enjoy! Hope that helps!

Hope that helps. Hi Nelson, We now just provide the 3. Amazing Value for a system I bought used in Let me know. Thanks, Jordan D. Email me at tom create. Hope that helps, Tom. Hi guys! How many years left does this system have in terms of OSX updates?

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Is it a better long term investment over going with the 5K iMac in the same prices ranges? Thanks Tom. Do you ship to the US? Also, does the 5. Cheers George.

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Hi Mick The Ti is certainly better at 4K than the Hello Ludditus In regards to your RAM its not the operating system which limits how much you can run.