Merubah tampilan windows 7 ke mac os

Now scroll and select the Mac4Lin Emerald theme to apply. Yes, new version but with a manual that is too much Contrast to the same sort of things for making Ubuntu look like XP.


A simple script you run and it does it all. The guide isnt accurate. If I run the script I get no output at all but things do happen. It doesnt do the GTK stuff. You have to do manually. Yes and got lost.

Ubuntu Mac Theme: A Tutorial to Make Your Ubuntu Look Like Mac OS

It's a same this tutorial hasn't been updated in almost a year and a half. With the release of 9. I did. But being a newbie to Ubuntu and Linux I got lost due to some of the commands and screen shots being different in Jaunty. An update would certainly be appreciated. I just installed this and the newest version comes with an install script that automates the whole process for you. Bug yang saya temui: main Icon tidak mau berubah, masih Icon GNome.

Wallpaper tidak mau berubah secara otomatis ketika tema dipasang. Usplash tidak mau muncul. Begitu juga ketika saya coba shift. Settingan Sound ada yang berbeda. Dan ada sound yang tidak ada dalam paket ini. Ketika saya mengubah settingan sound, dengan mengikuti petunjuk ini, suara tidak mau berubah. Screenlet, ketika saya login, muncul Item-item screenlet yang dobel-dobel. Secara otomatis aku direpotkan untuk meng-klik item yang dobel tersebut. Any chance you'll be updating this for 9. It's sorely needed for us novices. I changed my GPG key, so you have to switch to this one. I'm trying to down the Mac4lin.

Thank you for the excellent guide, but I wanted to let you know that there is a slight error in the text that may cause users problems. During the portion of the tutorial on the first page where you are utilizing gconfig-editor to change the orientation of the window operations buttons, you mispelled maximize in your first use. When I go to my add to panel in this proccess it don't look like the screen shot above. Can someone help me??? I can e-mail anyone a screen shot of what mine looks like if you want to help.

I have a big problem to find the whole software apps, on which site i can download all files i need for this! Even the default Ubuntu Usplash is deformed and off-centered. Hey, this is a fantastic project, but has anyone tried it for Mandriva yet? Is it guaranteed to work? Can you please send me a link to the wallpaper in your first image?

The nice bluish one? Thank you in advance!!! I got passed the first steps of the install script by creating the missing directories myself. Hello, I got everything working per guide. My buttons are on left and I did input the command as copy and paste to get it to move to the left side, but maximize button is missing for some reason. Please help.

Do not install the theme if you dont want to loose network manager removes network manager panel applet. Plank can be configured with all sorts of themes too, making it easy to replicate the Mac OS X experience. Gnosemite is a faithful mac Plank theme worth a look if the above theme is not working. It would be very kind of you.

Deepin to OS X transformation guide - Support for Community Editions - Manjaro Linux Forum

Thanks for the comment. I am ready to correct the content always. Users feedback helps a lot. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Thursday, July 11, Choose the Right Desktop Flavour 2. Install Mac like Desktop Dock 5. Install Launchpad 6. Change Mac Icon set 7. MacBuntu Wallpapers 8. Change the System Font 9.

Logo Change Unity Only Apps Alternative to Mac Spotlight Monochrome icons for LibreOffice. Featured Themes Tutorials.

How to Make Linux Look Like macOS

Mehedi Hasan. Run the following command to install it: sudo apt-get update sudo apt-get install gnome-tweak-tool After completing installation log out of the device and then login as GNOME-shell session. Run the following code: sudo apt-get install unity-tweak-tool 2.

For Ubuntu MacBuntu Wallpapers Image Credit — www. Download 8. Change the System Font Mac is well known for its graphical UI which including its clean, sharp fonts. Or you can install Mac fonts through Terminal. Run the following command: wget -O mac-fonts. Logo Change Unity Only Some may be wondering what about apple logo launcher, where is it? Albert Spotlight This app is pretty much similar to Mac Spotlight. Cerebro Cerebro is a fantastic utility tool which you can use for searching the whole system even including the online.

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Download Cerebro Monochrome icons for LibreOffice Image Credit — www. Read more.

I just had this problem with another theme is the reason I know.