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I then just attempted to transfer files with the Bluetooth File Transfer app in the utilities folder of my os x It worked great! I too just purchased the Razor V3c through Verizon. Bluetooth transfer capabililties are disabled.

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I have been on hold with Motorola for 2 hours. Anyone have any other updates, patches, hacks or important information to share with all the frustrated Verizon Razor V3c customers? I am ready to take the phone back to Verizon and hurl it at the salesman that sold it to me. Ditto your comment, Dave. Both of you should call Verizon and give them a piece of your mind about them disabling a core feature of this telephone so they can force you to use their for-pay network services.

I worked my way through your tutorial, and was successful in most steps. Any idea how to get this on my phone? I am given message that my device is missing the software. Thanks, Dave. Dave- Excellent article. Thanks for the quick reply Dave. I have tried syncing a different calendar that only has 1 event and I get the same problem.

Wierd that contacts work fine, but calendar events fail. I also bought the USB data kit from Motorola. Then the phone arrived with. I called customer support to complain. Motorola even sells a kit to support data transfers. And to get your photos you must use their network, and therefore pay them to transfer your photos.

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He said I have to take a picture with the phone. Alfred, do you work for or have an affiliation with Verizon. Should I wait, as you suggest, for the next firmware? Or should I start hacking my phone and re-enable the built-in features? Can I downgrade to. Bart, you might just have too many events in your calendar: many people have said that the RAZR calendar is limited to 60 events, which seems idiotic, but there ya have it. I have a Verizon Moto V3c running. I have modified iSync to permit Bluetooth syncing. I am now able to transfer files and sync contacts, however I am unable to sync my calendar.

Wahn, I checked out the specs on that phone — darn cool looking device — and I think it should work similarly. Be aware, however, that some cellphone carriers, most notably Verizon, tweak the basic phone OS to change or even disable basic functionality. Alfred, I send myself an e-mail seems to only work from webmail with an MP3 attached. I edit the mp3 to be about 30 seconds long, and encode it at a low bitrate in mono.

I also have to rename the file to be a. MID, not a. MP3 file. Naming it to be a midi file does not break playback. I recommend Audacity to edit the files, but I actually use Logic I am an audio engineer.

LightBlue: a cross-platform Python Bluetooth API

Dave I just got a Moto E Would I use the same hack for my phone? Thanks, Wahn. I found that with a lot of fiddling I could transfer one phone enry at a time to the Prius, but that is just so 20th century.

How do we transfer the entire addresbook actually just the group that I created for the car all at once to the Prius? Thanks, Bob. Alfred, are you talking about vzwpix. I have used this site to put mp3s renamed tp. I followed what you wrote above dave and was able to get my calendar and address book to sync using iSync.

Browsing, however, was impossible. So I called verizon and complained. I found out that cingular has no restrictions on their razr bluetooth and the only reason why verizon restricts it now is because they dont have a support staff in place for bluetooth OBEX. So I continued to complain and probe for more answers and the nice manager of bluetooth at verizon informed me that this summer verizon is going to offer software updates that will allow OBEX transfers via USB.

She said my complaint was a common one and they are moving to fix it. She also admitted that customers should have a choice. So call and complain people, they will listen. They are offering me the software and cables for free come summer update. I also squeezed a possible verizon customer server where customers can upload things to it from their pc and access it from their phone, or vice versa.

Still bummed, but it looks like its in the works…. Definitely tricky. Another thing. Mine did NOT work until I had done so.

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  6. Good Luck to you. No luck so far on getting the correct Passkey. Any tips? Best Regards, Om. I followed your instructions up until you asked for me to go to the Apple Menu, then System Preferences, then Bluetooth.

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    Any suggestions? Good work. Looking at the MetaClasses. Might even be simple enough to do myself perhaps? It works great with the Razr V3c software v. Hopefully the developer will continue to update for other features or the included source code will be expanded by someone else for pictures, mp3s, etc.

    Dave, Thanks for the info. Do these modifications work with OX Anyone know how I can get the software? I want to be able to browse the phone to copy pix to the Mac. The code presented here however should provide you with the essential mechanics needed to do the file transfer bit. No problem, in the meantime I found a working example that I can reuse.

    Hey Jukurrpa could you post a link to the example? Jukurrpa Any chance you could post your working example that you found? Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. Sign up using Facebook. Sign up using Email and Password.

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