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As you may already know, Apple's own Boot Camp allows users to install Windows onto an NTFS-formatted partition of the startup disk, but this has several drawbacks of which dual boot is just one. Parallels Desktop solves this issue and allows users to run both operating systems at once and to share files and folders between them without any major hassle.

In terms of performance, the virtual machine Parallels Desktop creates may be slower by a fraction of a second compared to a PC running Windows, but that's something that is easily forgotten in real-life usage.

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The speed difference may look good in a chart showing the performance difference in seconds, but it won't be noticeable in action unless you are running resource-hogging games or apps. If you are into gaming , Boot Camp may be a better choice than Parallels, as the latter is only allowed to use the allocated hardware resources.

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Duplicate task bar icons in the menu bar Less user-friendly storage optimization. Installer Windows 10 Transfer Files. Parallels Desktop Installer.

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Parallels Desktop Downloading Windows Transfer Your PC. Parallels Desktop Hardware Impact. Parallels Desktop Energy Impact. Parallels Desktop Sharing Prompt. Shared Folders. Parallels Desktop Asks For Access. Save File in Shared Folder.

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  • Downloads for Parallels Desktop.
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  • Speaking of features, Parallels Desktop 7 brings OS X Lion compatibility, including support for Full-Screen Apps, and Launchpad integration, which allows you to add Windows apps to Launchpad and use the Windows folder to access other Windows programs from the interface. Users also get OS X Lion-style animations when opening new Windows programs windows in Coherence, and there is now support for the Lion-specific Resume function - it extends to Windows apps too.

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    Forums Shop Toggle Search. Check your system and hardware requirements Before you start: Back up your Mac How to run Windows on Mac using Parallels Desktop 15 Check your system and hardware requirements Before getting started with this guide, make sure you have the minimum requirements for hardware. MacBook and later MacBook Air and later MacBook Pro and later Mac mini and later iMac and later iMac Pro and later Mac Pro and later Before you start: Back up your Mac This is one of those aweful mistakes that people make, thinking that they don't need to back up their Mac before doing something big.

    How to download and install Parallels Desktop 15 Step one is to download Parallels desktop. Get Parallels Desktop Once the program is finished downloading, follow these steps to complete the installation process: Double-click on the ParallelsDesktop.

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