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She had about contacts, and these existed in the Mac Address Book and Outlook One happy outcome, right?

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Cue the scary bass music. A few days later Jill contacted me to report she suddenly had over , contacts! As it turned out, something eerily akin to a Gemino Curse from the Harry Potter universe was afoot. I found multiple entries of many contacts, and one apparently bad contact in particular; it seemed a corrupt item had spawned itself over and over again. It was hard to tell what the exact issue was. Maybe the Mac Address Book kept copying those entries to Outlook or it was sending them up to Google. Possibly Outlook was duplicating these contacts to the Mac Address Book like an assembly line gone haywire.

Most likely, something was sending the bad contacts in BOTH directions, in an exponential algorithm akin to 2x2x2x2x2x2. I cleaned up the duplicate contacts in Jill's Gmail account, using the "Find and Merge Duplicates" option. This had to be rerun several times, but eventually the K contacts were reduced to the original or so. I then located the corrupt contacts and removed those, along with a few others that looked questionable.

How Do I Configure Outlook 2016 For Mac To Connect To POP/IMAP Mailbox?

It was then a race against the clock to do the same cleanup work on the Mac in both the Mac Address Book and Outlook , in order to keep the duplicate contacts from flowing back up to Google. It was tough work deleting the duplicates from both programs; there is an option to do so in the Mac Address Book but it was glacially slow and seemed to keep freezing without results probably due to the sheer number of entries involved.

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Eventually after consulting some Apple forums I wound up deleting the Mac Address Book database file and recreating it. Outlook had no such duplicate removal option; I had to delete all the contacts manually.

Configure Gmail in Outlook for Mac

There is a product called Scrubly which claims to be able to remove duplicate contacts in Outlook but we opted not to pursue it for what we hoped would be a one-shot fix. We were back to where we had started, basically; all the known good contacts were at Google and the Mac Address Book program was empty.

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I restarted contact synchronization between Google and the Mac Address Book. All the contacts came down properly. However, within a day we had the same exact problem as before, and the corrupt contact entry was back like "You Know Who.

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We went through the duplicate contact removal steps, but this time left Outlook out of the mix, choosing to use only the Mac Address Book. If the duplicates returned, we'd know this was the source of the issue. Sure enough, they did. What was next? I ran through the same process as above to remove the duplicates, but left all contact synchronization off. Adding custom labels View full size. The next time Outlook syncs which you can force by quitting and launching Outlook , your custom labels will appear in the sidebar.

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  • Nesting labels in Gmail View full size. If you want to send your messages to All Mail instead of the Trash, you could always go back into your account settings and point Trash to the All Mail folder. My suggestion is to create a rule. Create a new rule that tells the Trash folder to move items to the All Mail folder as seen in the screenshot below. All Mail rule in Outlook View full size. The rule will be applied by either visiting the Trash folder, or by clicking on Rules in the ribbon, and selecting your rule from the menu.

    Trouble Adding Gmail Account to Outlook 2011

    Lastly, every time you check your sent mail, visit your drafts folder, or otherwise navigate your account, Outlook considers these items to be unread until you view them. Again we can create a rule to solve this issue. Read Rule in Outlook View full size.

    I hope you find this updated tutorial more relevant and much more useful than it was before. Please keep in mind that this a simple setup guide, stemming from my own interests, and that MacStories will not provide additional help or tech support.

    How to Setup an Email Account in Outlook 2016 for Mac

    Club MacStories will help you discover the best apps for your devices and get the most out of your iPhone, iPad, and Mac. Join the Club. To learn how to add Exchange and regular email accounts to Outlook , follow the instructions below. Open Outlook and click Outlook in the Menu bar, when the menu opens click Preferences.

    Click the account type you will be adding, currently there are two options: Exchange Account or E-mail Account. Enter your email address and password and click Add Account.