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In order to create the macOS installer, you'll need a Mac on which to download it from the App Store. Any Mac capable of running Mojave , the latest version of macOS, will do. And if you're not sure if your Mac is capable or not, check our guides to identifying your Mac or checking its specs.

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Finally, you'll need a tool to create the installer, and a USB stick to put it on. Make sure it's 8GB or bigger. One of the most popular installer creation tools is Unibeast. You'll need to register on tonymacx Not any more.

tonymacx86 Blog: iBoot + MultiBeast: Install Mac OS X on any Intel-based PC

Search "High Sierra", for example, and it won't turn up. Instead, click here for High Sierra. To download macOS Mojave, click here. When you start downloading, System Preferences' Software Update will launch and show the progress of the download. Wait for it to finish. When it's finished, if you're downloading High Sierra on a Mac running Mojave, you can quit System Preferences and look for the High Sierra installer in your Applications folder.


If you're downloading Mojave, download another version on a Mac that hasn't yet been upgraded to Mojave, otherwise it will just update your current version. Go to tonymacx When it's downloaded, install it as you would any other app. If the USB drive currently has more than one partition, click on the Partition tab and use the minus sign to reduce it to one partition occupying the fully capacity of the drive.

If not, click the Erase tab, change it and press Erase. Launch Unibeast and, in the first window, select the USB drive you just formatted as the destination for the installer.

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Click Continue and step through the pages of the app until you come to the one that asks you to choose the OS you want to install. Click on Mojave or High Sierra, depending on which you want to install. Clover : Your Boot loader, pretty straight forward. It's just been a growing pain every time I see a Tonymacx86 issue that I just want a post to forward to people so they can understand a bit more. This subreddit really needs some clean up and a place to point to with how many Tonymacx86 issues are constantly popping up. I use it all the time, but it seems like every thread there throws shade at the app.

Is it something where it was bad once upon a time and has now gotten better? I don't believe I've ever had an issue with it, and I see it mentioned here and used often in YouTube tutorials.

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It's one tool that actually tries to make Hackintoshing easier and all I see is people hating on it. Every time I start my computer, it keeps adding a boot menu option of the same drive which is my hackintosh partition. Overtime my boot menu runs out of the number of items in the list and refuses to boot. I have to unplug the drive and replug it back in to reset and the problem repeats.

Anyone have any idea how to fix this? It is true that certain versions were prone to corrupt config.

I have personally corrupted two or three config files, with simple parse errors by manually editing in text editor, that could have easily been avoided by using CC. I have an anecdote that I would like to add in reply to your comment. Every time I loaded clover configurator it would delete all of those patches. So I had to stop using it. With respect to not liking tmac tools and my personal distaste is only for the tools, not the site as a whole, as there's plenty of valid and insightful info there :. They are closed source.

This means that figuring out what they're doing requires a bit of gentle reverse engineering. They are designed to teach you nothing. This is my number one gripe with the tools. I wouldn't recommend hackintoshing to anyone who has no interest learning the internal workings of the OS - to them, I'd suggest buying a mac, as they will typically lean toward easier and very often worse methods of achieving the goal of "just getting it running".

This is also my reasoning for avoiding Hackintosher.

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  8. They clutter the local system. The number of kexts that can not be utilized via injection is minimal, and the advantages of keeping the Hackintosh-related files all in one spot should be obvious. Switching from a tmac install to a vanilla install is more involved than your process though. If everything were contained inside the EFI, then it would be a simple drag and drop replace - however , as noted by my list above, the local system is also affected, and must be accounted for. Once that is done, you can just proceed with a standard vanilla install. For many users, it's far easier to do a time machine backup of their files, wipe and reinstall - as the reversion takes more effort than just setting up a vanilla install to begin which circles back to the mentality that it's best to do it right the first time.

    I do also think it would be worthwhile to go over how to mount the EFI without using a 3rd party tool like Clover Configurator - as locating and downloading that app, when all the tools you need are built-into the OS, seems a bit cumbersome. Even a perfectly setup config. The config. Clover itself is technically a boot manager - although colloquially referred to as a bootloader - as it starts boot. Everything working fine. I downloaded the Nvidia Web drivers. Hope it helps!

    I aimed to make this guide as simple as possible and explain all steps really thorough and mistake-proof. It should be possible even for Hackintosh virgin to make it to the end. This guide is assuming you want to install both - OS X I made this guide from using instructions gathered from the TonyMac forums.

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    What's working: Everything!!!! I have There are some issues though. Audio out is not In your EFI folder and every subfolder within it, delete every folder that is empty and everything from the 32 bit sector ie everything with "32" in it. This helps to clear up memory of unnecessary files that won't be loaded anyway.

    Copy your main in config. I created a picture guide to getting your cards "supported" status and acceleration. The and cards seem to be the most stable and the XFX 8gb reference model I have tested is unstable and tends to bug out of Uningine Benchmark. The RX will get support with this method and maybe I saw the guide thread over in the El Capitan forum for this laptop I was thinking of picking it up considering the weak MacBook Pro update.

    Will the Nvidia drivers be updated quite quickly or is it a long wait? Obviously interested in a but never been around with a Hack after a major GPU refresh so curious to what happened before. Here are some specific notes.